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A movement to end harassment in public spaces powered by local activists.

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A few Good Men

I had the pleasure of witnessing an actual gentleman in these rough times. He stopped a lady at this place I was in and said verbatim “…you look beautiful today.” She had the biggest smile on her face it made me smile too. For all the other men out there, that’s how its done!

Another day

I was stopped at a traffic light heading to pick up my nephew from school with my sister in the car. A street boy sniffing glue on the other side of the street. He saw me and started to walk towards me I would guess to ask for money. When he got to my car … Continued

Who’s fault is it?

I continually fail to understand why I seem to be getting harassed . The other day and again right outside my house while I had gone to the shop to get milk, some guy made dog noises at me and said something like “kama ni mzuri ni mzuri” which translates to if ‘its good its … Continued