Who’s fault is it?

I continually fail to understand why I seem to be getting harassed . The other day and again right outside my house while I had gone to the shop to get milk, some guy made dog noises at me and said something like “kama ni mzuri ni mzuri” which translates to if ‘its good its good’. To be honest I was shocked, I thought dog noises are things people out of Africa had to deal with, we have our special brand of ‘niaje siste’. Yesterday an old pot bellied man stopped his car, honked and waved  at me in town while I was minding my own business.

I could tell you story after story of all kinds of situations where i get harassed and have a post for everyday and honestly it saddens me. I have gone out of my way to avoid getting myself into situations where I am likely to be harassed: I more or less drive myself everywhere and shop in big malls so i don’t have to go out to the shop on the streets, i never ever go to town at all unless I have to and regardless of all this life changes the one day I do have to face the world it happens anyway.

Maybe awareness does open ones eyes to their environment. It certainly is a possibility that being a part of the HollaBack! movement has in many ways opened my eyes to what was already happening to me but that I had chosen to block out of my memory.

This post is for anyone that had a bad experience that made them go online to let off steam. I am grateful everyday for every person that has led me into the fight, for the belief that none of it was my fault; that it doesn’t matter what I wear or where I am.


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