Debra’s Experiences

On my way home walking, an ’empty’ matatu conductor asked if i needed a lift, to which i said ‘No thanks, I’m just going over here.’. Th driver started driving off the road and instead drove on the path next to me as i walked. He kept insisting angrily. At this point i just ignored him. He began getting aggressive as he leaned out the window saying something i didn’t understand for a while (selective hearing). Eventually they drove off angrily and left me alone.

It’s discouraging when people feel so entitled to the point where ‘no’ is not acceptable to them. Two weeks ago in town i passed by some buses and one makanga grabbed my arm.I thought someone would stop and bring some sense into him, instead another grabbed my other arm and they both began laughing. And this is all because i didn’t notice them, i suppose they wanted to remind me that I’m not “untouchable”

This is the most subtle form of gang control.

Should we take our justice department’s silence as approval? It seems they think it is acceptable. Mine is a minor case, many aren’t and no justice is ever served.